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full table viewA coffee table made from stained glass! Who would do that? We at would! If you are looking for something that nobody else has, this is it. We can make any of our designs you see on our site into the mosaic coffee table of your dreams, or, if you have your own design in mind, we can make that for you too. Every piece of stained glass is cut and inlaid by hand. No mass producing here. They come with wrought iron legs, stand about 18" tall and are weather resistant so they can be used outdoors or indoors. We use only authentic Italian mosaic stained glass to make our coffee tables and you will have a real work of
art that will compliment your home or office.

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hand crafted coffee table

hand crafted coffee table

hand crafted from stained glass

hand crafted coffee table
Coffeetable Coffeecup2

hand crafted from stained glass

hand crafted coffee table

hand crafted coffee table

hand crafted coffee table

hand crafted coffee table

hand crafted coffee table

hand crafted chess table

hand crafted coffee table

hand crafted coffee table

hand crafted chess table

hand crafted coffee table

hand crafted coffee table
Coffee dragonflies

hand crafted chess table
Coffee sunflowers

hand crafted coffee table
Coffee coffeecup

Coffee Tables
You can pick any design on our site and have it made
in any of our standard sizes and shapes coffee table
that you want or get a custom design made. Just
use the design your own table form below.

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